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Hearing Heaven's Choir

On the 30-31st Aug 2019, I went to the Ablaze meetings, Will Hart suggested to buy one or more of Katherine Ruonala's books to support Ablaze, so I bought all of her books. Generally, when I do this in the past I buy one book, then it goes home with me, never to be read.

This time was different, I went home and began to read, the tv was ignored. When I leave the house now 90% of the time, over the last 5 months, I have a have one of Katherine's books with me. This has helped me understand my wife Jill Shepherd, who has always loved reading, it also has helped me, to keep going, what God began in me back in Aug 2019.

The best time of worship I have ever been part of, I heard beautiful heavenly voices all around me, and had the honour of singing with them. I actually complimented people around me, only to be told that wasn't them, that was singing so beautifully. God had opened someone's ear that day and now I'm hearing these heavenly voices that were encouraging me to worship with such adoration and joy.

Before I go any further, I want to honour Will Hart for picking me out of the crowd and praying over me, with such power and authority,(THANK YOU JESUS !).

That I couldn't fall in the power of God, but after reading one of Katherine's book's Now I can!

On the 12th Dec 2019, Katherine returns to Tasmania. I didn't know how to think about this, I have never read so many books about someone, and meet them, I didn't know what to expect. Was I setting myself up for disappointment? I continually calmed myself and welcomed Gods peace.

Katherine asked me if I wanted to come out for prayer, I wasn't crying uncontrollably this time, I couldn't be happier. Her prayer was very direct and encouraging.

  • Peter ~ December 2019

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