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[frequently asked questions]

Will there be Childcare?


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide Childcare at this time. 

Are children able to come to this?

Yes but unfortunately due to the limited seating capacity, if children do require a seat a ticket would need to be purchased for them.

Why do we have to pay for a ticket to this event?

An event of this size comes with a number of expenses involved, the ticket fee ($110 + Eventbrite fee) only partially cover the overall costs required to run this.

What is the ticket pricing ($110 + Eventbrite fee) and do you have day passes?

Due to the nature of this event there is only one set pricing to ensure that we can account for the limited amount of seating. But if you do purchase admission for the full event, please feel free to pass your arm band on to someone else to attend the sessions you are unable to make it to.

Will there be live streaming?

Yes, this is definitely the plan and we will announce when this is open for registration on our website and social media platforms.

Do you provide meals?


There will be plenty of meal options available to purchase at the venue, throughout all session breaks 

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