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prophetic Words for tasmania

From Bethany Pascoe, Leader of Tasmania Ablaze

The main prophecy that I personally (and many other Tasmanians) have been fuelled by, is one that several people have received. It’s a vision of spot fires breaking out all over Tasmania with the fire spreading until Tassie is fully ablaze with revival.

Tasmania then spins around like an arrow, facing mainland Australia and the fire then jumps the Bass Strait and ignites the rest of Australia with revival fire.


This prophetic vision has been received by many people unbeknownst to each other. I am aware of at least 3 different Pastors who moved to Tasmania to pastor due to receiving this vision - independently of each other.

There are dozens of stories like this, where people have had vivid encounters of this exact vision.

Other prophets have said:

Tasmania- God is coming like a mighty tsunami. The Lord is raising up men and women who will bring governmental change, bring spiritual climate change and bring life wherever they go. It’s time for Tasmania to rise up. To awaken and arise with boldness. 

- Brian Simmons- Translator of TPT Bible

I believe Tasmania is an apple of the Lord’s eye, a spiritually fertile region, birthing ministries and great men and women of God who will bless the whole of Australia and bring the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. While for a long time, Tasmania has been overlooked or not held in the same regard as the northern states, a season is coming when God will use this island state to bring His fire to the nation. 


- Chris Hackett, Australian Prophetic Council

Many have overlooked Tasmania. Tasmania may have ‘looked’ forgotten but you are not last and forgotten, you are FIRST. A revival will start here and it will be a catalyst for the nation. It’s time for favour in Tasmania. Promises over Tasmania are going to break out NOW!


- Lana Vawser


I hear the sound of a mighty rushing that is coming in your place.


I can hear from heaven ‘Open heaven’ over island of Tasmania upon Australia but mainly Tasmania - I can hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind that’s coming to your place in the powerful way.


I can feel, I can see, the spirit of revival, reformation and renaissance coming and invading your Island and not only invading your island but making waves like a tsunami to touch your neighbourhood countries or other islands. God is moving in a powerful way. I want to show you that Christians believe that the breath of God is like a little puff of air but I can tell you Gods breath is not this way. The Scripture talks about when the Holy Spirit came, it was like a mighty rushing wind and that’s what I envision behind every one of you.

I can see the power and the force of the Almighty God behind you and pushing you to this revival atmosphere.

Everywhere you go remember the most powerful force in the universe is breathing in your direction as God breathes upon you and on your way in your direction, every enemy of Tasmania will be defeated in Jesus name. Every obstacle will be overcome because the wind of God is behind you. The favour of God when there is the breath of God behind somebody, behind your life, behind your ministry, behind Tasmania there is an incredible favour and this favour will increase in your life and will increase over Tasmania. Tasmania will become well known worldwide. When there is the wind, not this little puff of air, but the mighty rushing wind. The dreams will be fulfilled in the name of Jesus.

Bethany and your team as you are dreaming to see your Island touched by the power of the Holy Ghost. I have a good news the wind of the Holy Spirit is behind you is over you coming upon you and you will see your dream being fulfilled in the name of Jesus. This is your season declare it my friends from Tasmania arise boldly in Jesus Christ and declare this is my season. This is the season of God for this island and I can hear the wind starting to blow, so I’m going to step into the flow of the Holy Ghost. The moment you are open to Gods breath the precious wonderful Holy Spirit - because this breath is not atmosphere. It’s the Holy Spirt himself.

This is Gods time for you as a person but this is also Gods time for your church, for you ministry but mainly this is God’s time for your region and your nation. He is going to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh - like the prophet Joel said, in the last days I will pull out my spirit upon all flesh. He is going to touch your life but he’s going to come up on your children, He is going to come up on your grandchildren. He is going to come upon your parents your grandparent your cousin your neighbour.He is going to pour out his Spirit upon all flesh. I want to encourage you to open yourself for this wonderful Holy Spirit who is the power and who is willing to come like a mighty rush.


I can feel, I can see over Tasmania - the Spirit of revival coming, like he came at the Azusa street revival. I know that I know, that what God did in the past is going to do it even bigger in your own place. Azusa street was fantastic the people when they were coming - the historians said when the boats are approaching the places , the people get touched by the Holy Spirit, they fell on their knees repenting of their sin and calling upon the name of the Lord. I can see that the presence of God, the fire of the Holy Spirit will be so strong in Tasmania, that when the boats come closer to Tasmania, the people in the boats will be touched in a powerful way, because God is moving in your beautiful country.


The same as God did during the Welsh revival. I’ve read some story that even in some regions they had to stop the industry to ask the people to go to the meeting to get saved. I can see that mighty move of God who is going to bring salvation in a massive way to this beautiful island of Tasmania. I can feel this is Gods time for Tasmania. This is Gods time for Australia. This is Gods time for New Zealand, for Oceania, this is Gods time for this region. That’s the reason I can say boldly ‘Tasmania shall be saved’; ‘New Zealand and Oceania shall be saved’ in Jesus name. And it’s going to happen because it is Gods time.


I want to encourage you to be with the same spirit that was upon Joshua and Caleb, they were about to take and to enter the promised button in front of them it was giants, fortresses but the Bible said ‘be strong and of good courage’, The Lord told them. So today I tell you the same ‘be strong and of good courage’ . Don’t get discouraged, don’t be negative, don’t see the past because God is about to do something new. Be strong and of good courage, have faith in God - the one who destroyed the walls of Jericho is the one is with you and who is going to destroy the walls of Tasmania. The God was with Joshua and Caleb is the one who is with you and is going to save your beautiful country in Jesus name.

Jean-Luc Trachsel

Tasmania Ablaze Conference 2020


Prophetic Word #1

Australia is a Pre-revival nation not a post Christian nation. Lord thank you right now for reviving this land that you are doing something profound, something amazing and unprecedented. That Lord you have a unique and unusual move your spirit in store for this island called Tasmania that Lord your eye is fixed upon her, that you cannot take your eyes off of her. I felt that this morning as we were singing, that the Lord was declaring these words over this beautiful place “I can’t take my eyes off of you because I watch over my promise day and night and I’m careful to perform it”

I saw a picture of the Lord just dancing over the island dancing over Devonport dancing over Hobart dancing over the whole of Tasmania. He was creating an atmosphere which he was about to speak. I’m telling you right now, I believe the Lord is clearing the air over Tasmania. He’s clearing the air over Australia. He’s getting ready to release the ‘winds of change’ and the ‘winds of worship’ and I just felt that the Lord was saying right now that ‘I’m fanning the flames of revival with the winds of worship coming from the south land. Im fanning the flames of revival with the winds of worship, that come from the south land’. I felt like this is a season where the Lord was about to take you from awakening to awakening, that the Lord wasn’t just waking us up but that he was about to use us to shake the nations of the earth awake.

There is something that the Lord has deposited in this land as I was flying here, the Lord took me to Matthew 13:44 it says that the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden a field for the joy over the man sells everything he has purchase the field. I just really believe right now that the Lord is about to show you the value of this place. I believe the Lord is about to release something of his greatness and his power. Some of us have been crying out ‘Lord, we haven’t seen what you said yet, we haven’t seen what you said’. The Lord says the emphasis is on ‘yet’. You haven’t seen it yet and I believe the Lord is about to bring you into that place that you’ve been longing for and waiting for. I just felt even when I landed yesterday I felt like the earth was moving under my feet. I felt like a vibration of the spirit of the Lord, and I heard the Lord say that this island is vibrating with His voice, that this island is what he created with his voice and that before the foundations of this earth it’s been vibrating with his voice. Im telling you right now that there is about to be something up out of the ground there’s something out of this region that is beyond what you’ve ever seen before.

I heard the Lord say ‘welcome to the above, and beyond’. Lord I thank you that you don’t just do what you used to do- you go above and beyond. This is a season and this is a people of ‘above and beyond anything and everything we could’ve ever asked or imagined or dreamed or imagined.

There’s something about a breakthrough through. I believe that this is a region that Tasmania has been given the breaker anointing Lord to breakthrough. Lord the church in Tasmania is about to breakthrough, and I believe there’s an anointing to change the spiritual landscape of Australia. Lord that you are getting ready to do something beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. We declare that people are going to come to Tasmania for healing, when they’ve expired everything that they have, in doctors and medicine and all of those things. That he’s releasing an anointing for healing, miracles signs and wonders. Lord even you corrected me when I said ‘I’ve come to the ends of the Earth’ yesterday He said ‘have you come to the end or just the beginning’.

David Wagner

Ablaze Event: All For Him

26th January 2023

Prophetic Word #2

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that I’m coming again like a mighty rushing wind and I’m about to blow across this island. I’m about to revive its people, for the Lord, says it I’m going to convert the curious. I’m going to even revive the resistant. For the Lord says that I’m going to begin to show the world what a state and a people on fire actually looks like.


The Lord says that you’ve dealt with days of resistance, but the Lord said that out of the hardest places will come the greatest of harvests. The Lord says that I’ve broken through the fallow ground. That this is gonna be a season of tremendous harvests. For the Lord said that I’m a releasing the anointing of the reaper- as we were singing yesterday and just some time with the Lord today He took me to Ps 126. I believe is declaring over is that this is the season to dream again.

At the end of Psalm 126 is says “those who sowed with tears will reap with joy”. I believe that this is a season, where the reapers are about to overtake the sowers. That there are some of you right now you’ve sown with tears and you’re about to reap with joy. I feel like the Lord is lifting off every lid of limitation off the Tasmanian church.

I feel like the Lord is releasing a movement of not only of unification but of unification, purification and sanctification. I also believe that the Lord is getting ready to release and outpouring of a spirit and his presence in this place that’s beyond what you’ve ever dreamed or imagined.

David Wagner

Ablaze Event: All For Him

27th January 2023

Prophetic Word #3



I’m going to say something that I don’t think I could say anywhere else, but I felt something here this week that I’ve not felt. I don’t know if I’ve not felt it ever or in a long time. And that’s the body of Christ coming together with one heart over one purpose and because of that the Lord really honours that.

There’s a couple of things that proceed every move of the Spirit of God and the number one thing is unity. On the day of Pentecost they had come together in one accord. They came together in unity. They were of one mind, one heart and they had one purpose, and that was to actually seek the face of the Lord. Then they prayed and they worshiped the Lord. I just believe that there’s a movement of unity without compromise, that’s going to cause there to be not just an awakening but a shaking of prayer. It’s prayer that moves things that brings an alignment that actually changes the spiritual landscape of Tasmania and into the mainland of Australia.

I said the other day about this canopy of prayer and worship that would come over this island. I just believe that this is a season where the Lord is actually causing and inviting you in to a move of the spirit of God that’s greater than even took place on the day of Pentecost. I know that’s a big statement to to make, but I can back this up by saying that God doesn’t decrease He only knows how to increase. Because there’s more people on the Earth it makes sense to me that what He is about to do is greater.

Jesus said these words in John 14:12 ‘You ask anything in my name I’ll do it and greater works for you do know that I go to be with the father’. And then he said it again that ‘If you ask anything in my name I’ll do it’ - so he was making a statement he’s reinforcing what he was saying. I think he was talking about prayer. I think he was talking about setting your face like a flint, but I I love this idea of the greater Works… I believe that we about to see that in our lifetime, we’re about to see it with our own eyes and we’re seeing some of it but the Lord is about to release an unlimited anointing. I feel like the Lord is naming this year for the Tasmanian churches as ‘limitless’. ‘Limitless’, we’re going up somewhere there is this limitless grace. So can you just take the limits off?

I think what happens if we actually live as a thankful people I think Thanksgiving actually, according to the Scriptures opens up the gates we enter his court with Thanksgiving. There’s something about just being thankful. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt the thankfulness like I felt in this room. That there’s something unique and I just believe right now that the Lord is about to release his power upon you and through you in ways that you wouldn’t even expect it. I believe is he’s calling us to expect the unexpected to actually expect the unexpected. I believe this is gonna be a jaw dropping year where he’s going to take your breath away.

David Wagner

Ablaze Event: All For Him

28th January 2023

Prophetic Word #4


I hear these words “Ready or not here I come, ready or not here I come. Ready or not here I come!” Lord I declare you’re about to make a triumphal entry into Tasmania. You’re about to make a triumphal entry into this state, you’re about to make a triumphal entry on this island. The God that parts the seas and tears the veils and rolls the stones, that God, you’re about to do it in our midst. That Tasmania shall be saved! We declare that this is a land of healing - the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. We declare that what started as a gentle breeze is going to become a cyclone force wind. That what was a wind of refreshing is now becoming a whirlwind of revival over this place.

Nobody is counted out- Lord you’re about to move on the Baptist, the Presbyterian Church on C3 on the Pentecostal on the Catholics. We declare right now in the Catholic school right here, that Lord you’ll pour out you spirit on the priests on the nuns on the sisters on the brothers on the students. Lord I declare that you’re going to move on the charismatics on the Pentecostals on the Duchies. Lord would you release a great revival upon the Reformers. Would you awaken in the Anglican church for renewal as you did in other places Lord, do it here.

Right now I feel the anointing of the evangelist. The Lord is actually releasing this word over you right now, it’s what Paul told Timothy, ‘but you my son, stir up the gift that came with a laying on of hands and the word of the prophets- do the work at the evangelist’. It’s right now I’m telling you - the Anointing of kingdom evangelists. Not just to pray a prayer but inviting them into the lifestyle of the kingdom. I’m telling you right now the fire in the wind fire and the wind of the Holy spirit.

Lord this is not like any other time, that you’re performing the word you spoke over this island in the 1600s in the 1700s in the 1800s and early 1900s. The words that many people in this room have held in their heart and in spite of the contradictory evidence - they held onto the words and they did not let go. I thank you right now that this is going to be known as an island of faithfulness. An island of faithfulness the state of faithfulness. Lord it’s a place of wild adventure but it’s also place of the faithfulness of God. Lord we just declare right now the goodness the faithfulness of God - Lord let your goodness and your Glory pass over us today, and then let it rest upon us in Jesus name.

The fire of God is falling right now - I tell you something, women are about to have a voice in Tasmania like never before the Lord is about to release the prophets they are coming out of the cave. I’m telling you right now the Lord is doing something amazing in our midst. Children are going to prophesy - children are going to get lead out of kids church and nursery they are going to have Prophetic pictures and words. They are going to declare the word of the Lord over mums and dads and people they don’t even know. There's a multi generational move your spirit in the name of Jesus.

Lord would you release the anointing of Jesus the evangelist thought I think you for signs wonders and miracles following. Awaken the evangelists. Awaken the Aussie evangelist. Lord I’m asking that you would raise up one hundred thousand Australian evangelist would you raise half of them out of Tasmania. Send them to America send it to Europe send them to Africa send them to Papua New Guinea Lord send them to Asia Lord. I thank you Lord that Australia is going to be a gateway of salvation to the Pacific Rim, into China into Indonesia, Lord. I thank you right now that the captives are going to be set free. Lord we ask for the island nations, Lord you said ‘Ask for the nations’ . I release the Psalm Chapter 2 anointing over you. ‘Why do Nations rage and kings plot- He who sits in heaven shall laugh. Ask of me and I shall give you the nations for your inheritance and the list for your reward”.

Lord we want to give the Lamb of God the reward of His suffering. Theres only one thing you can do here that you can’t do in heaven And that’s evangelise and win souls. I thank you right now there’s about to be a convergence on the Commonwealth nations. I Heard this on the plane flying here I’m about to release a convergence on Commonwealth nations. There’s gonna be a revival in Australia that relights revival’s in the UK there’s gonna be revivals in Australia that relight revivals in Scotland and Ireland. Lord send Australians to the Netherlands. Lord I release the reformers fire right now you’re the name of Jesus right now, all over this island.

I saw people out of their mind walking in and coming into the right mind. Lord I thank you that we’re about to see University set on fire with revival. The professors, the students, the leaders. I thank you Lord for prayer meetings in parliament, I saw a basement and I saw room with just few praying and praying and the Lord says I’m going to honour the prayers of a few. I felt like the Lord said you’ve had three years of resistance three years of death three years of isolation three years of lockdown. But on the third day.. I hear the sound of tearing veils and rolling stones, I hear the sound of tearing veils and rolling stones. Lord I thank you right now that we’re about to make up for lost time. “Ready or not here I come, ready or not here I come”. I speak resurrection life over Tasmania. I speak resurrection life over Hobart, I speak resurrection life over this amazing land God. Lord raise up the evangelist. Lord I release fresh fire on the name of Jesus. No one’s exempt nones too old and you’re not too young. I feel like even those that are in the place of retirement you’re not going to retire you’re going to re-fire. Lord right now in the name of Jesus, another wave of the fire of the evangelist is about to be released in Jesus name. Amen.

David Wagner

Ablaze Event: All For Him

January 2023

Prophetic Word #5

I hear the spirit of the Lord say, “sooner than you think, faster than you can comprehend”. The Lord says I’m about to do more in a moment than most people have seen in their lifetime or even in generations. For the Lord says that I’m moving you into a season of accelerated redemption and accelerated renewal at the same time. For the Lord says that I’m releasing a river from the altar and from upon that river I’m about to pour out oil and light it on fire. So I’m going to release the wind and the water and I’m going to release the oil and the fire flowing together for even as it was written and seen in Ezekiel’s day in Ezekiel 47, so shall I do it in your midst. The Lord says that the streets will erupt, not out of protest but in singing.

The Lord’s says I’m going to begin to cause an Isaiah 58 to drop upon Tasmania and the nation of Australia and you shall restore and redeem streets in which to dwell. You’ll see the waste places begin to be raised up again. The lord says I have anointed you to bring salvation to the nations to set the captives free. For there is a fresh outpouring of Joel chapter 2 and Acts chapter 2. The Lord says that what I’m about to do in the days ahead will be far greater than the things you’ve heard or have been written about. For the greatest move of the spirit since the days of Pentecost is about to sweep through the nation of Australia and people will come from the north to the south to the east to the west. For the Lord says I will begin to release even the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord from this place.

Many will come out of curiosity; many will come even to seemingly come against Him. But as soon as their feet hit the land I will break off the spirit of doubt, I will break off the spirit of religion. For the Lord says that I’ve causing freedom to ring out, freedom to ring out, freedom to ring out. For the Lord says I’m releasing an anointing to give you a key to cause chains to fall down, for shackles to fall off at people's feet.

For the Lord says I’m about to send salvation into the Asian continent from Australia. For the Lord says there’s about to be - even like the Lord is about to send word of what’s going to happen here and many will come from China and they’ll come from Singapore they’ll come from Malaysia, they’ll come from Myanmar, they’ll come from Japan. And they’ll come, not just as tourists but as those who are seeking a move of God. The Lord says you will reach and touch what has been untouched. I will use you to reach the hard places. The lord says that many times you have been faithful to go to nations but now I’m sending the nations and the harvest even to you in the days that are ahead the lords about to make up for lost time, I’m about to make up for lost time, I’m about to make up for lost time for my people, for I’ve heard the cry of my people.

And the Lord says I’m about to come and to show myself strong to the Prime Minister and the parliament. For the Lord says that I’m about to actually release an anointing to prophesy legislation. The Lord says I’m about to release a kingdom advancement that says I will call things to stop even things that have been progressing. Even things that were trying to be pushed and even in the darkness, the Lord says that I will shine the light on it. I’m about to bring you to a place of full exposure and full disclosure for the season of my bride an my people being blindsided is over. For the lord says I’m about to give you a new peripheral vision in the spirit for you’ll begin to see what’s coming along to the side and even what’s at your back. For the lord says I have anointed Tasmania for transformation, I’ve made you a state of transformation. I have made you a state that transforms that redeems that brings and releases the winds of change for my eyes are fixed upon you.


For the Lord says I’ve chosen you and there’s nothing you can do about it. For many people have tried to talk me out of moving here but the Lord says that I’m coming. I’m releasing an anointing that causes me to dwell. The days of visitation are over for I’m making this island I'm making this people a dwelling, a dwelling place a dwelling place a dwelling place, a dwelling place. This is going to be a season where I’m not coming to visit. I’m coming to stay. So lord I thank you right now for a stay of your spirit a stay of your move God. That Lord you would bring something that would last until you come again. Lord I thank you for a fresh wind and a fresh breathe right now coming upon your people. Lord I thank you for the days of creative miracles - lord the sudden lies of God. Lord that you want to release tonight and even after Jean-Luc used the word immediately- Lord I felt that there was something on that word. Lord you’re about to release something in the immediate, in the immediate future, I’m the now. Lord I thank you that many people will be confounded and say ‘what is this’. And Lord the people of God will cry out ‘this is that, that was prophesied’. The Lord was saying the name of this season is this is that.


I feel like there have been words spoken over Tasmania even by prophets of old, even in generations past. The Lord says I’m going to honour my word, for the Lord says that you’re going to begin, that many are going to begin to find things that are written down and recorded in years past that man has forgotten. But I have remembered, for the Lord says that I have remembered and have not caused any seed to fall to the ground - my word will accomplish everything that I’ve sent it forth to do. So right now in the name of Jesus we say yes Lord to your move, we say yes to a healing revival and an outpouring of your spirit. We say yes Lord that you wanna come upon the Anglican Church, the Catholic church and the Baptist church and the evangelical church lord, the C3 movement and Hillsong, on Planet Shakers, you want to come Lord. You want to come on the Uniting church, you want to come on the Presbyterian church. That Lord, what you’re about to do is not exclusive Lord but it is inclusive. Thank you for an outpouring of your spirit, Lord an indwelling of your spirit. Lord would you come and have your way in Tasmania. Lord I thank you right now for parting the seas Lord right now in Jesus name.


David Wagner

Ablaze Event: All For Him

January 2023

God is coming like a mighty tsunami... The Lord is raising up men and women who will bring governmental change, bring spiritual climate change and bring life wherever they go.


It's time for Tasmania to rise up. To awaken and arise with boldness!


Brian Simmons

(translator of TPT Bible)


I heard the words 'It's time to pat the land'. 

You pat things down to reveal what is concealed and hidden. God has so much hidden in this land and He is saying it's time for it to be revealed.


I saw a picture of gold right along the coast. It takes effort for the gold to come to the surface. It takes us stepping out, getting dirt under our fingernails and digging down deep to reveal what God has hidden in our land, in Tasmania.


He's ready to reveal it, are we ready to go after it??


Alanna Hope

(Ablaze core team)

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