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prophetic Words

I heard the words 'It's time to pat the land'. 

You pat things down to reveal what is concealed and hidden. God has so much hidden in this land and He is saying it's time for it to be revealed.


I saw a picture of gold right along the coast. It takes effort for the gold to come to the surface. It takes us stepping out, getting dirt under our fingernails ad digging down deep to reveal what God has hidden in our land, in Tasmania.


He's ready to reveal it, are we ready to go after it??

- Alanna Hope

(Ablaze core team)

God is coming like a mighty tsunami... The Lord is raising up men and women who will bring governmental change, bring spiritual climate change and bring life wherever they go.


It's time for Tasmania to rise up. To awaken and arise with boldness!


- Brian Simmons

(translator of TPT Bible)


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