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Deeper Connection with Holy Spirit

The day was a real eye-opener for me.

I saw people fall to the ground as the Holy Spirit placed hands-on people through her as Katherine Ruonala was praying!

As I was watching this, I thought that this was extremely remarkable and at the same time, I could literally not believe this.

I wanted to get prayed for, and I did.

As I was getting prayed for she spoke true words of things that had happened in my life! This is when my soul started to open.

As she was praying for me I could feel that I was receptive to this healing. I fell to the ground and someone was there to catch me.

In this moment of falling, I let go of everything that was trying to scar me from the past.

She then started praying over me more and more, until I started laughing hysterically and crying in joy all at once! The Holy Spirit was present in my body, and this made me feel the most love from Jesus that I could have ever imagined!!

Thank you, my Lord and Saviour!

  • Celine ~ December 2019

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