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Healed of Breathing Issues.

I had had trouble breathing for 3 weeks with fear it was my heart again. This time of the year for the past 2 years has been not very good.

2 years ago I noticed I was short of breath and when I went into hospital- I nearly died as I had to have an emergency operation on my heart. Last year I was short of breath, feeling the same symptoms of last year- and it was my heart playing up again.

This year, I started to experience the same symptoms- I was like ‘oh no, not again’, but through extensive tests, it wasn’t my heart, this time, but potentially emphysema (I had been a heavy smoker most of my life).

I hadn’t been able to work for the last 3 weeks as a builder and I have been huffing and puffing, not being able to breathe normally.

On Thursday night, I went up to Katherine Ruonala at the end for prayer, and was completely healed and started breathing normally again and went back to work the next day without any issues and I am still fine today

  • Ashley ~ Dec 2019

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